Clean and decorated glass

We offer utility glass, for example beverage sets, plates and decorative glass, such as vases, bowls, jars...

Decorating glass

Glass can be decorated in several ways - painting and high enamel technique.

Upgrading glass with cutting or engraving

Cut and engraved decor can be placed on both sodium-potassium glass and lead crystal.


Spraying with hydroglaze

We started using hydroglaze spraying as the latest decoration technique. This way of decorating opened up new possibilities for us in a huge range of transparent and opaque colors. Thanks to this, we have the possibility of color matching glass products according to the customer's interior.

Chandelier components

We cooperate to a large extent with companies that manufacture and install lighting fixtures. Our company participates in the creation of new shapes of lighting fixtures, and especially in the production and subsequent decoration of glass components for chandeliers.

Reprodukční techniky

Reproduction techniques

Glass beautification by screen printing, glass decals, dyarite, sandblasting and in recent years also by laser.

Complete interior equipment

We provide the possibility of equipping interiors and exteriors with glass accessories that underline the character of our customer.

Velké série

Large series and limited editions

The quantity of goods taken doesn't matter, we always focus on the exact needs of our customer and we can adapt the products to his ideas.

New things are a challenge for us

Working on new things is a challenge for us, so in addition to our designs, we also like to work with designs of our domestic or foreign customers, we make classic, modern, but also long-forgotten decors.